The CIA has been working in partnership with A New Direction to produce new commissions of visual art on the theme of Truce, created by over 100 young people in collaboration with 5 artists (Eelyn Lee, Janette Parris, Grennan & Sperandio and soda). The finished digital animations, stills, films and moving images, have been screened at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, on Bus-Tops screens and at the Tate modern. There are also available to be seen online at


TAKE PART: The project is open for submissions of truce themed artwork from people of all ages. Please see for details on how to send us your work. All artwork will be displayed in our online gallery and the best work will be selected for inclusion in 1 of 3 video collages by soda, which will be screened on the Truce website and may also be shown on BBC Big Screens in London.






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